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Nathaniel Arana Lead Negotiator, Owner

NGA Healthcare’s principal, Nathaniel Arana, has many years experience in business and in the healthcare field. Nathaniel earned a management degree from the Eller College of Management with an emphasis in operational management and organization. He helped start an out-of-network billing and consulting business from concept to profitability. Thereafter, he managed and grew a healthcare consulting business; under his management, the business dramatically increased its revenues and clients.

Nathaniel started NGA Healthcare because he found that practices were looking for consulting companies that could provide results—not just empty promises. Since then, NGA Healthcare has worked with all specialties to help grow, reorganize and make practices more profitable. Nathaniel regularly contributes to many healthcare business magazines and companies as an expert in practice management. A physician advocate, Nathaniel believes in working directly with his clients to achieve, and surpass, their goals.



Wood, Cameron_Headshot_BW

Cameron Wood Head of Client Services and Marketing

Cameron Wood was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, and is glad to be back after fifteen years of living and commuting in Los Angeles. Cameron graduated from the University of Arizona with a focus on Media Arts/ TV and Film Production/ and Business. Cameron worked his way up from assistant Producer to Lead Producer on a variety of TV, Film, New Media, and Web properties; including the Target “Red Room” national concert series/albums, “The Nightmare on Elm Street,” and Head Writer/ Content Producer on CBS’s “Let’s Make A Deal.” Cameron and his wife decided to leave Los Angeles to be closer to family in Tucson (and to start their own). Cameron grew Fresno Unlimited from three employees to over thirty and managed the creation of the SHOWoff application, marketing consulting for Warner Brothers, and the creation of proprietary advanced AI, called “PCH.” After producing and running all advertising for several Fresno Unlimited shows, including the Jimmy Kimmel co-production “Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing,” he joined NGA Healthcare. 

Cameron brings his marketing, operational growth, and client management expertise to an already successful business.  NGA Healthcare’s dedication to maintaining the autonomy and financial stability of small and medium-sized practices also spoke to his personal sense of fairness. Cameron is excited to bring his focus on client communication and marketing to NGA Healthcare, as well as the exciting and industry revolutionizing new ventures NGA Healthcare rolling out in the near future.


Pinckney, Jon_Headshot_BW

Jonathan Pinckney Contract Negotiator

Jonathan graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Economics. He has more than 20 years of experience working in healthcare technology. Serving in the roles of Vice President of Implementation Service and VP of Operations engaged with healthcare providers of varying size and scope, including large integrated national health systems, community hospitals, and single physician practices. All of these engagements focused on working collaboratively with healthcare providers to improve workflow and efficiencies with the ultimate objective of improving outcomes at a lower cost. He and his wife Sheri live in Tucson and have three sons.

Throughout his professional career, Jonathan Pinckney has focused on process improvement and problem-solving to achieve operational structures that are required to meet and sustain a high level of customer satisfaction and retention. As a part of the NGA Healthcare team, Jonathan brings his expertly blended strategic thinking with the ability to create and execute effective tactical plans that align with strategic objectives, always with the objective of improving the customer experience.



Carrie Schmidt Contract Negotiator

Carrie Schmidt was raised in Louisville, KY and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences from Murray State University. She went on to a graduate assistantship at the University of Memphis, in the process earning a Master of Arts in Earth Sciences. Carrie’s work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) started with her AmeriCorps internships, followed by a transportation planning role in New Orleans, LA. She then took on a contract position as a GIS Technician and eventual Subject Matter Expert with Apple in Austin, TX. She continued her journey south and west to Tucson, AZ, where she joined the NGA Healthcare team.

All of her experiences have instilled a love of data and a drive for problem solving. Carrie brings data management, project planning, and an analytical approach to NGA Healthcare. Her role includes supporting contract negotiations, project management, data analysis, and business process improvement.



Ellam, Mary_Headshot_BW

Mary Ellam Project Manager, Credentialing, Marketing

Mary Ellam was raised in the California bay area before moving north to study at the University of Oregon. From there, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Business, Marketing, and Economics while also earning a minor in Media Studies and Journalism. Professionally, Mary has taken her organizational skills, digital savvy, and eye for design to the non-profit, media, and healthcare industry. She worked as coordinating and curating digital content for the radio conglomerate Alpha Media USA in Portland, OR before moving to sales with iHeart Radio in Tucson, AZ where she met and joined the NGA Healthcare team.

Mary's focus at NGA Healthcare is to support successful contract negotiations with healthcare payers and to ensure a profitable result on behalf of all physician clients. Her role includes office administration and credentialing, project management, and the design and creation of marketing materials. 



Lee Allen Client Services and Marketing Specialist

Lee was raised in Orlando, Florida and graduated from Elon University in North Carolina. After completing his undergraduate studies, Lee joined the United States Peace Corps. Lee lived in Morocco for almost 3 years working on engineering, health and youth related projects. After the Peace Corps, Lee worked in non-profits and completed his graduate studies from the University of Arizona.


Lee has a background in marketing and communications with both Starbucks Coffee Company and Apple Inc. around their corporate social responsibility and value oriented efforts. His experience regarding community impact and client relations has brought him to NGA healthcare. Lee is a health and physician advocate, hoping to bring innovative resources, community members, and health providers together. 




Jamie Ressie  Credentialing Manager

 Jamie Ressie was born and raised on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, eventually moving west to California where she studied and graduated with a degree in apparel design and manufacturing. While in Los Angeles, Jamie worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade, starting as an assistant and eventually moving into a producer role. She’s been grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to work for; “The Price is Right”, “Let’s Make a Deal”, “Sesame Street”, and Disney.  Her role as a producer afforded her an opportunity to help clients showcase, and develop dynamic brand storytelling through television exposure, by inviting their curiosity and nurturing their interest. She’s prided herself on being a resource for her clients; fostering a meaningful, communicative, and collaborative partnership in order to build a deep understanding of their business, vision, and goals together.
Jamie is eager to lend her client management, contract supervision, credentialing, and negotiation experience to the NGA Healthcare team.