How would you like to double your revenue while seeing half the number of patients? What about removing the insurance company from the equation?

Many practices want to adopt the concierge model of practicing medicine, in which patients are willing to pay cash to their providers for better access to care. Cash-based models generate better income for physicians, but many practices are unsure on how they can strategically convert to a concierge model.

Concierge, direct primary care, and cash-based medicine is the future of medicine. Practices that don’t implement concierge models of practicing medicine now will have to adapt to more strict commercial and government insurance regulations. A concierge practice can be launched out of an existing practice without sacrificing revenue.

NGA Healthcare offers a model to convert your practice into a concierge practice. Our model offers the oversight and systems to allow you to focus on patients care — not running a business. We take care of all the administrative hassles and you end up with a successful concierge practice.

A practice with only 1,000 concierge patients generates anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 in revenue. Plus, the practice no longer has to deal with the hassle and cost of billing and collecting from insurance companies. Less staff is needed to facilitate the insurance process, and thus the physician has a take-home pay that is on average twice that of his or her peers.

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