Most credentialing organizations simply submit your paperwork and never follow through, which means some contracts fall through the cracks. Your contracts are the cornerstone of your practice; they need to be handled by an expert — not a company that outsources the work. Recently, payers have made the contracting process more cumbersome, which often means a practice treats its members for free. NGA Healthcare holds the insurance company accountable to the contracting process and is often able to obtain effective dates more quickly than its competitors.

NGA Healthcare can help you get into a closed network by creating and leveraging a relationship with the health plan. We can also negotiate certain carve-outs and special considerations for your contract. Often, the health plan may not understand that your practice needs a specialized contract to cover specific ailments. We work with the payer to ensure you get the contract that fits your practice model.

Here is a prime example: We recently worked with a cardiologist conducting a medically supervised weight-loss program. Her patients were told that such a service had to be covered by primary care physicians. After negotiating with the health plan, NGA Healthcare was able to obtain a contract with the major insurance payers that covered these consultations.

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