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About us

History of NGA Healthcare

Nathaniel helped start an out-of-network billing and consulting business from concept to profitability. Thereafter, he managed and grew a healthcare consulting business; under his management, the business dramatically increased its revenues and clients.

Nathaniel started NGA Healthcare because he found that practices were looking for consulting companies that could provide results—not just empty promises. Since then, NGA Healthcare has worked with all specialties to help grow, reorgoanize and make practices more profitable.

We are the experts at negotiating with insurance payers, having negotiated thousands of contracts across nearly every specialty and facility type. We find your leverage and assert your authority to the payers.

NGA Healthcare Logo

Lead Negotiators

Our negotiators have decades of payer contract negotiation experience. Some of our negotiators have also previously worked at the health plans, ensuring that we always know what increase to ask for.

Project Managers

NGA Healthcare utilizes project managers to track every element of the negotiation and ensure that no detail falls through the cracks.


Our highly effective contractors manage the day to day follow up with the payers, and facilitate a continual flow of information between our team and you.

Client Services

Our client services team ensure the smooth and complete transfer of data and information we'll need to successfully negotiate your contracts.


Our Analysts manage the CPT code baseline and increase analysis once a new fee schedule is obtained; which ensures we always negotiate off of the real codes, not false assumptions.


Our expert credentialing staff ensure that the credentialing and onboarding aspects of obtaining contracts and maintaining payer compliance is always in order.