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NGA Healthcare Negotiates Better Insurance Rates Or Your Money Back Guaranteed

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The NGA Healthcare Difference

NGA Healthcare offers a turnkey solution for negotiating your rates and guarantees that we'll get your practice a meaningful rate increase or there is no cost to you. Negotiating your rates with NGA Healthcare is the difference between a meaningful increase in revenue or stagnant rates that pay below Medicare.

NGA Healthcare are experts at negotiating with insurance payers, having negotiated thousands of contracts across nearly every specialty and facility type. We hold the payers accountable and use all the available leverage that most practices don't even know they have.

Our Services

NGA Healthcare has over a decade of experience negotiating insurance contracts.

Negotiating New Contracts

We’ve helped many practices attain significant rate increases over the initial offers by health plans for new contracts.

Rate Increases

We have helped 100% of our clients increase their revenue by millions of dollars with these negotiations.


We hold the insurance company accountable to the contracting process and are often able to obtain effective dates more quickly than our competitors.

Track Record

We have been able to successfully negotiate at least one contract for higher reimbursement for all our clients, and that has paid for our fees many times over.

Return on Investment

Every client we've worked with has been able to achieve a meaningful return on investment after working with us. Our service pays for itself!

What Our Clients Say

"They offer a professional and valuable service that I would highly recommend to other professionals seeking income growth"

-Ledesma Foot and Ankle Surgeons

"After trying for nearly two years, NGA Healthcare was able to get my practice an increase in only three weeks! This will add over $150,000 to your bottom line"

-Pinnacle Internal Medicine

"We have used NGA Healthcare for many years to assist with our contracts and negotiations. Their expertise and diligence has been invaluable"

-Arizona Endovascular Center

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NGA Statistics

15% - 50 %

increase for new negotiations


of wins for clients


increase above current rates

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