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Ready to take your practice to the next level?

NGA Healthcare provides specialized consulting and management services to help practices gain control of their revenue and payer contracts. Whether through negotiation or implementation of direct care models, we can help you succeed in an environment where payers are making running a medical practice increasingly difficult. 


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Reimbursement Negotiation

Have you looked at your reimbursement rates lately? Imagine getting paid 20% more for doing the same amount of work. Negotiating your rates the right way could mean the difference between an increase in revenue or stagnant rates that pay below Medicare. See case studies that could apply to your practice.

Direct Care Setup

What would it be like to have double the revenue with half the patient population? For many, it means better care for patients. Many practices want to move to a direct care model, but are unsure how. Learn how one practice started a direct care practice from his existing insurance practice with very little investment and time.

Payer Contracting

Most contracting services simply submit your paperwork and never bother to negotiate the initial rates you will be paid. Yes, negotiating rates on initial contracts is possible! We not only oversee the credentialing process from start to finish, but are able to negotiate certain carve-outs and special considerations in your contracts.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say